We continually deliver market leading gifting, reward and payment solutions that offer choice, convenience and flexibility through an ever expanding retailer portfolio and distribution network.


Choice, convenience, innovation and flexibility are at the core of all our products whether its in the area of gifting or rewards and incentives. The use of the Visa scheme in a white label capacity has enabled the business to develop wide acceptance of our card products while maintaining the commercial benefits of limited loop acceptance.


In both the B2B and B2C markets we enable our customers to transform their relationships by making appreciation easy to show. Our customer satisfaction is at the core of our success. Over 98% of One4all Rewards clients would be happy to recommend us and our Net Promoter Score at 56+, ranks consistently above industry averages.


We are committed to continually growing our sales distribution network in the countries we operate in. Our expanding retail portfolio network consists of 60,000 retail outlets in Ireland, the UK and Malta across retail, services and online. We have an unmatched distribution network of over 13,200 sales outlets in Ireland, the UK and Malta.

GVS Prepaid

Our subsidiary GVS Prepaid is an authorised Emoney issuer with the ability to passport cards throughout the EU, a member of Visa Europe and is fully regulated by the Financial regulator. Through GVS Prepaid we can issue third party gift cards as well as own-brand gift card products and ensure our programmes are compliant with relevant legislation at all times.

About Us

We sell possibility to all our customers by bringing our passion to innovate and service a range of gifting, reward and payment solutions.

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Our Brand

We enable our customers transform their relationships into happy and productive ones by making appreciation easy to show.

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We are committed to spreading happiness through our national, international and local CSR initiatives.

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